Numeric Input for CKEditor


Numeric Input is a plugin that allows you to use <input type="number"> in the dialogs of CKEditor.

If you have created a dialog and want to add a field in which the user can only enter a number, the CKEditor only lets you use a text field and add a validation when the user clicks on the OK button in the dialog.

To improve the user experience and usability of their plugins, you can add the Numeric Input plugin to your editor.

With Numeric Input You can tell the browser user that the field is type="number"; in this way the browser will:

  • Prevent the user to enter non-numeric values
  • Offer buttons to increase or decrease the numerical value
  • Prevent the user to enter a value out of range

With Numeric Input you can define the valid number range and the value to add or subtract when the user clicks the buttons to increase or decrease.

Depending on the version of the client browser, some of the features may not be available.

This is how it looks like in the Slick Carousel settings tab: