Images From Server for CKEditor

When you copy a content with text and images from another server into the CKEditor, the images are not copied into your server, you just copy the link. So if the image is removed from the original web, it will also disappear from your web. Using Images From Server, when you copy a content with text and images from another server, these images are also copied into your server.

That lets you to edit the images afterwards in order to scale or crop just the part you need, avoid problems if images are deleted from the original server, embed them into a mailing created from your website, offer them from the server you consider is the best one for a faster page load, etc…

The steps are the following:

  1. Paste on the CKEditor whatever you have selected
    Automatically images are copied into your server (user do not have to do anything)
  2. Save your changes


1: Paste from another web. Images are copied on your server   2: Save your changes


  • If images are accessible only to identified users, Images From Server server will not be able to copy them into your server.
  • Dragging the content into the editor doesn't work; you need to copy and paste it. CKEditor does not detect the a content has been dragged into it. We expect this functionality will be available in next version.