Slick Carousel for CKEditor

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t work

We need a better explanation of the problem: Do you have any error message?, does it not work correctly? What browser version and OS are you using? Please send a mail to info@uritec.es explaining the problem

Can I add other videos?

We have included support for YouTube and Vimeo, if you want to include other type of videos, please, let us know so we can take a look at it.

When a slide with a video is shown again, it starts from the beginning

When we try to pause the video, if it hasn't started then the next time that it's shown on YouTube it will be a black frame, so we're currently stopping it that doesn't cause this problem. We plan to integrate the APIs to detect if the video has been played or not to issue the correct command to avoid all the problems.

In autoplay mode, It moves to the following slide before finishing the video

Currently there's no detection about wether a video is playing or not, so the carousel will move to the next slide if you're in Autoplay mode unless you put your mouse over it.