Dropdown Details for CKEditor

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t work

We need a better explanation of the problem: Do you have any error message?, does it not work correctly? What browser version and OS are you using? Please send a mail to info@uritec.es explaining the problem

Can I use it if my content already includes some details elements?

Yes, the plugin will take care to "upgrade" your existing content so it can safely be used with CKEditor

When you load existing content for the first time, the plugin will add the required divs with their classes so it can be edited and they will also allow you to more easily style the elements to get the look that you want for your website.

How can I use the same styles in the editor than in the final page?

The plugin takes care of automatically import the styles that you have added in your contents.css (or whatever file you're using to style the contents of the editor), so that you get in your editor the same look that in the final page.