Image Toolbar for CKEditor

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t work

We need a better explanation of the problem: Do you have any error message?, does it not work correctly? What browser version and OS are you using? Please send a mail to info@uritec.es explaining the problem.

Some icons doesn't appear on the Toolbar

Make sure that you have corretly set the class to be applied on the icon. If the class is not correctly defined, the icon doesn't appear.

Can we use the "Enhanced Image" plugin with ImageToolbar?

Yes. The configuration section will explain how to set the 2 plugins. Keep in mind that the "Enhanced Image" plugin modifies the behaviour of ImageToolbar when the position of the image changes. Specifically, if we have the 2 plugins installed, the option to put the image "on the text line" () stops working when we click on:

  •  to put "Footnotes "
  •  to put the image centred

If we want the option of putting the image "on the text line" () working again, we can undo (or not save the changes), or reconstruct the original situation by dragging the image to his original place and deleting the leftover linefeed.

Do you provide any notes for configuring ImageToolbar with the "Image" or "Enhanced Image" plugin

Yes, you can read some notes here: Styling images with Classes in CKEditor.

Can I add an icon to crop images?

Yes, allways when your have a program to execute this function. If your do not have this program, try ImageCrop, it is sold separately.

Can I create my own icons and styles?

Yes. ImageToolbar allows you to customize according to your needs.