Slick Carousel for CKEditor


You can use a 'slickcarousel' object to specify the stylesheets and javascript files that must be added when a carousel is included. If you don't add it, then it will use the versions from the JSDeliver CDN. This way you can easily use the carousels in your server without any additional configuration.

Example of how to customize the files to use:

config.slickcarousel = {
	stylesheets : [ '/slick/slick.css', '/slick/slick-theme.css', '/sample.css' ],
	scripts : [ '', '/slick/slick.min.js' ]

If you don't want to add any file, use empty arrays for each configuration item.

This way, you can use the carousel anywhere without modifying the page template by including these files only when needed, or you can put the files in the header of the template and use empty arrays because then no file has to be added by the plugin.

Use it

Clear your cache and reload your editor.
The carousel button will be available in the toolbar to create a new carousel, add the contents that you want to it, adjust it settings and close the dialog pressing OK. Save the contents and if you have set the correct paths to the Slick files you can view in your preview a working carousel.

If you have any question, please contact us.