Image Crop for CKEditor

Support and Upgrades

Licensed customers are entitled for email support to fix existing problems in the plugin. The price doesn't include the installation or development of custom features.

Payment is a one-time-fee, after the payment you will get the download and your mail will be added to a private list for future updates. All future updates are included in the license.

If you have any question, please contact us.

Version history

Version Date Comments
1.0.0 18-06-2014 First public version.
1.0.1 29-06-2014 Format selector didn't work correctly. Improve translations. 
1.0.2 10-09-2014 Adjust CSS to avoid conflicts with existing classes in the page. Force lowercase in the filenames.
1.1.0 12-10-2014 Big code reorganization. Usage of the "Pica" library for high quality image resizing.
Enable editing of existing images.
1.2.0 26-11-2014 Define maximum dimensions so that images are automatically resized even if the user just presses OK. Handle correctly multiple images added at once.
1.2.1 30-11-2014 Bug fixes for the configuration changes in 1.2.0.
Don't enable the context menu if the image is a cross-domain that can't be edited.
Updated Pica to 1.0.7.
1.2.2 02-12-2014 Fixed bug to enable editing of existing base64 images (this feature is discouraged as it's really bad for the performance of the final page and it has known bugs in CKEditor)
1.3.0 04-12-2014 Enable usage of the CORS "crossOrigin" attribute on images to allow editing of images hosted in another server. Preserve alpha-transparency for Png (of course, you must save the image as .png).
1.3.2 05-01-2014 Avoid error if the config.imagecrop object hasn't been set. Set the default set of format options to all the allowed ones.
    Renamed the "dialog" folder to "dialogs" following the pattern of other plugins.
Add protection to load correctly the dialog if Jcrop is already being used on the page.
Detect old versions of Jcrop that hides the image when going back.
    Use the crossOrigin attribute only if present to avoid problems with some versions of Firefox.
1.3.4 09-02-2015 German and French translations by
Protect usage of jQuery if there are other frameworks in the page like MooTools.
1.3.5 26-06-2015 Adjust zoom automatically on start. Start selection as big as possible.
1.3.6 12-11-2015 If there's only one "cropsizes" entry and it has an "automatic" entry set to true, the dialog is skipped and the image resized automatically.
1.4.0 27-01-2016 Display option to allow adjusting the final dimensions.
Checkbox to keep aspect ratio or allow free resizing from the sides.
1.4.1 24-02-2016 Initialize "free crop" with 10% instead of 100% to easily enable resizing.
1.4.2 18-04-2016 Provide "ImageCrop" button so it can be used in the main toolbar or with the ImageToolbar plugin. If you don't need it, you can remove it using the config.removeButtons entry.
Update to Pica 2.0.2
1.4.3 18-04-2016 Adjust conditional loading of jQuery to use https
1.4.4 20-04-2016 Patch pica.min.js to avoid problems if DoJo is loaded and "define" exists
1.4.5 05-05-2016 Improved logic to preserve desired aspect ration while changing final size
1.4.6 26-07-2016 Avoid problem if there's a version of jQuery loaded too old
1.5.0 22-07-2016 Allow to enlarge the picture area if it's smaller than the desired final size
Removed Chinese language file because it wasn't translated
1.5.1 27-07-2016 Skip extra steps after enlarging the canvas if there's no need to resize or crop
1.5.2 25-08-2016 Protect code in case jQuery has been run as noConflict (eg: Drupal) and "$" doesn't exist.
Use correctly height value in the maximumDimensions configuration
1.5.3 21-09-2016 In Enlarge mode, Move pick color buttons to the same row as color preview
Remove the dimensions from the buttons and leave them as tooltip
1.6.0 23-08-2017 Automatically rotate images coming from iPhones with exif metadata
1.6.1 3-08-2017 Prevent showing the previous image when the cropping dialog is launched again