Images From Server for CKEditor

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t work

We need a better explanation of the problem: Do you have any error messages?, Does not work correctly? What browser version and OS are you using? Does not work with one image or with all the images? Which images are you copying?. Please send a mail to explaining the problem

How configure to the imagesfromserver_uploader parameter

This is the parameter that tells the editor which script must be used to upload the images that users add to the editor. Your editor setup needs a line like the following:

  config.imagesfromserver_uploader= '/importer.aspx';

In the zip of our plugin you will find the implementation in C# and PHP of this script.

If I drag content from another web nothing happens

We are using the events provided by the editor (and the browser), so please check that you're using an updated version of CKEditor and a modern browser.

Anyway, drag and drop across browser windows is a complex thing because depending on the source browser and the target you can get different results for the same action and also it might depend on any other additional code that it's using drop listeners.